Thank you to all of you who have signed up to be a member of the PTA. Your contributions are critical to allow us to continue delivering unique programming- over 40+ events and programs that benefit every student at Willow Grove.

Special thanks to the following organizations for supporting the PTA:

Car Czar / The Millay Family

Additional thanks to our Platinum Members:
Rhodes Family
Adele Xu
Grace Lee McKelle O'Brien
Afshar Family Grismer Family Mesic Family
Amanda Richburg Hamidi Family Mrs Cariss
Aubery Barough Hannaman Family Mrs. Huff
Baha Family Harang Family Nicole Robbins
Baker Family Harmonie Becker Nora Dunn
Ballesteros Family Hartman Family Pawlicki Family
Bassuk Family Hoa Loranger Ratermann Family
Bickel Family Hollie Family Reich Family
Boggs Family Jain Family Riedl Family
Brahnbhatt Family Jayden Na Rosie De Simone
Brooke Salazar Jennica Ho Scott Austin
Bussell Family Jenny Yang Shanna Holindrake
Cabaniss Family Jensen Family Sheryl Martins
Cara Baker Julie Hume Shinnefield Family
Chen Family Kane Family Sohaey Family
Chuan-Dinh Family Katie Ryan Sojitrawala Family
Cosgrave Family Kelton O'Brien Solis Family
Cuaresma Family Kemp family Sramek Family
Cynthia Rhodes Kewalramani Family Stephanie O'Mara
Darugar Family Khansari Family Stichler Family
Diez-Vargas Family Kim Family Stickle Family
Drennan Family Kristine Kvamme Sweidel Family
Dylan Yu Leaver Family Tehrani Family
Ella joo Lund Family Thomas Family
Elsie Skelly Madison Haywood Tranchina family
Emma Gizicki Margaret Wang Uyeda Family
Erin Oh Martin Family Weisman Family
George Smith Max Jones Wong Family
Godinez Family McCarthy Family Xinyu Ren