Hello fifth grade parents. We have a very special section of the yearbook dedicated to fifth graders, but we need your help to create it!

The special section includes two photos of each fifth grader. Parents electronically submit two digital photos (max 5MB size per photo or upload will fail):

1) One digital photo is a favorite baby picture and,

2) The second is a favorite current photo of your child.

3) Between the two photos of your child is a short sentiment that you write to your child and also submit electronically.

Please ensure photos are clear and good quality (good resolution).

Sentiments are 100 characters. Examples of some sentiments might include:

Good job, Sam! We know you will enjoy middle school! Love, Mom & Dad

You are our shining star, Emily! Continue to shine brightly! Love, Gianna and Leon

Please try to be creative and original - it adds such a special touch.

Please submit your two photographs along with your special sentiment to:

joannsweidel@gmail.com (if you don’t have an electronic copy of your pictures, please email Jo Ann Sweidel.). Be sure to indicate the name of your child and teacher’s name.

****Important note: Only ONE submission per student, please.

Deadline for submission of photos and sentiment is Feb 16, 2018.

Thank you, The Yearbook Team