Ralph's "Rewards" Willow Grove

Ralph's donates 1-4% of your purchase total to our school.  Register online at Ralphs.com and follow these instructions:

  • Click on Ralphs Rewards
  • Log in or create an account
  • Select Community Rewards - Enroll
  • Select Willow Grove (#90768)
If you think you signed up in a previous school year, registrations re-set every September 1st so you must re-register to continue benefiting Willow Grove with your purchases.

Sign-Up for "Benefit" at VONS

3% of your VONS or PAVILLIONS purchases, and many other retailers, goes back to the Willow Grove PTA when you use the Benefit app to make your purchases.  Here's how to get signed up:
  • Download the “Benefit” app from Google Play or the App Store
  • Select Willow Grove as the school you want to support
  • For VONS/Pavillions only: purchase a gift card, print, and use at checkout
  • For all other retailers, use the Benefit app at the checkout counter
  • Willow Grove will receive 3% of your purchase amount.
Benefit also allows you to sign-up for other stores that you actively visit - some offering up to 20% back to Willow Grove PTA. 

Tell Office Depot Your School is Willow Grove

Office Depot donates 5% of your purchases to Willow Grove.  Each time you check out, tell them you'd like your school rewards to go to Willow Grove Elementary.  When you shop online, use our school ID# 70217803.

Collect BoxTops

Each BoxTop is worth $0.10 and boy do they add up! We earned over $1,400 last year - all from the little squares at the bottom of the things you already buy. Here's how you can participate:
  • Cut out BoxTops from participating products and submit to school collection box.
  • Look out for bonus BoxTop promotions at Albertsons, Stater Bros, & VONS; enter promo codes online or drop off certificate to school's collection box.
  • Sign up as a supporter at btfe.com and get bonus Boxtop opportunities throughout the year.
  • Expiration Date must be visible to be valid; trimming is not necessary.
  • See btfe.com for list of products with Boxtops.